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About us
Sign-A-Rama Albania is franchise of a Publicity Company started in the United States. Sign-A-Rama is an industry leader in sign making. Sign-A-Rama offers the Albanian market a very high quality product, excellent customer service, and reasonable prices.
Philip Kotler, the Father of Modern Marketing, devised theories which are implemented by this Franchise Group. Sign-A-Rama adapts its products to local markets, constantly reviews products and services for improvement, implements innovative ideas, and pioneers emerging markets. Sign-A-Rama aims to exceed the expectations of every customer.

Why Sign A Rama?
SIGNARAMA is the world's largest sign franchise with more than 850 locations in 50 countries. Our company is the full-service sign center for all signage needs, including custom, storefronts, trade show booths, interior signage, digital graphics and vehicle wraps. Our commitment to excellence has earned it the recognition of "#1 Sign Franchise" by Entrepreneur Magazine for eight consecutive years.

We have more than 200 employees working in offices in five countries to support our domestic and international franchisees. SIGNARAMA provides a comprehensive fiveweek training program incorporating small business classroom sessions at our Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence, followed by on-the-job training and in-store technical and marketing training. SIGNARAMA's acclaimed support includes local managerial and operational support staff, intranet, regional meetings and the World Expo.


Rr. “Qemal Stafa”, pranë fabrikës së llullave, Tiranë
Tel./Fax.: 355 4 234246
Mobile: 0692080078
E-mail: info@signarama-al.com

Dyqani Nr. 1 Tiranë:
Rr. "Perlat Rexhepi", pranë Fakultetit të Drejtësisë
Tel./Fax.: 355 4 234246
Mobile: 0694098178
E-mail: info@signarama-al.com

a customer can be global… but a client is always local

Executive Summary
Etno Ad, will offer marketing and business services to all companies that are looking to be distinguished in the Albanian market, by promoting the regional customer value and perception. It is estimated that in Albania currently the marketing plans and strategies are too much oriented toward the global strategies and concept, by putting aside the local customer and his needs. In this direction our company aims to be the first one to think about marketing and its tool in a more local content, by approaching it to the final customer.
In order to achieve this goal, to adapt the marketing and business strategies and concepts in the local market, Etno Ad, aims to take in account a wide range of ethnographic and cultural materials which can be included in a formal or informal way in the promotion of the local or international brands which will aim to operate in the Albanian market. This doesn’t mean that Etno Ad, will change totally the applied marketing and business concepts, but mostly it will come to the adaptation of those concepts with the Albanian customer needs and perceptions.

The mission of Ento Ad, is to offer to the private company, governmental institutions, nongovernmental organization and individuals a high quality and cost-effective service in the fields of advertising, marketing, consulting, research and copywriting, through the usage of the local concept of the development of marketing and business strategies.
Business Goals
The main goals which will be submitted in the upcoming activities of the companies are:
a. Creation and development of the local concepts regarding advertising and marketing in the first 6 months of the business activity.
b. Diversification of the marketing services, by including internet marketing, with the aim to offer a complete range of internet marketing products till the end of the first business year.
c. Integration of the local concept in the forms and methodologies applied during the researches in the second year of the business activity.
d. Usage of the local concepts in the development of the copywriter services, during the third year of the business activity.