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About us
Albanian Partners Absorber (APA-Albpartners) established in 2005 represents a full service marketing, advertising and distribution company. APA offers creative and specific solution to any business/organization based on their market profile and their clients’ needs. APA’s resources including its professional staff, its owned printing house, graphic studio, web application development studio as well as its distribution channels provides for a complete cycle of marketing services from the product design to its distribution to the clients.

Promotional and marketing campaigns, TV spot design, Publicity on TV, Radio, newspapers, magazines, Media Plans, design, print and distribute promotion materials (brochures, catalogues, posters, periodicals etc)- Direct Marketing, Event design and management- Marketing consulting service

TV: TCh, Vizion Plus, TV Klan, News 24, TV Koha, ALSAT, TVSH, Albnet
News papers: Standart, Shqip, Gazeta Shqiptare, Metropol, Panorama, Shekulli, Korrieri
NRG, Radio Rash, Top Albania Radio , Klan Magazine, Adriatik Hotel, Agna Group
Dudaj Publishing House, Guttenberg Graphic Design studio


Rruga “Sami Frashëri”, Nr. 41
pranë Universitetit “Marin Barleti”, godina nr. 4,
mail: marketing@sixsenses.al,
mobile: +355 69 40 800 02

About us
While six senses in human experience grasp intuitively the inner nature of things, “Six Senses Enterprises” as Creative Enterprises, generates a first spin towards Creative Economy & Creative industries by utilizing Human Creativity as the ultimate Economic Resource. Defined as the interface among creativity, culture, economics and technology, with the ability to create and circulate intellectual capital, Creative Economy has the potential to generate income, jobs and export earnings while at the same time promoting social inclusion, cultural diversity and human development. At the heart of the creative economy lie the creative industries. Loosely defined, the creative industries are at the crossroads of the arts, culture, business and technology. In other words, they comprise the cycle of creation, production and distribution of goods and services that use intellectual capital as their primary input.

Marketing & Advertising
Call Center
Customer Services
Interior Design
Web Design
Web Marketing
Brand Cosulting & Design

Digital Displays
Digital Billboards
Promotional products
Potable displays


Rruga: “Muhamed Gjollesha”, Qendra e Biznesit “Olympia”.
Tel. Mob: +355 69 40 80002, +355 69 40 80005
e-mail: manager@sixsenses.al,