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Albanian Institute for Public Affairs (AIPA) was founded in 2011. It is a nonprofit organization independent from political, commercial, or religious interest groups. AIPA is a center of education and research on issues related to democratization, good governance, economic development, and social improvement. The Institute is particularly concerned with EU and NATO integration of Albania. AIPA promotes democratic values and practices such as: raising awareness, educating active citizens, opinion polls, policy monitoring, applying current social research, and promoting the involvement of qualified and independent political, social , economic and legal professionals in Albanian development.

Mission and Vision
The Institute is a center of education and research on issues related to democratization, good governance and economic development and social improvement. The Institute is particularly concerned with EU and NATO integration of Albania. The Institute supports reforms in favor of modernization and serves as a forum for social actors to debate the implementation of reforms
To accomplish its mission the Institute will meet these objectives:
- To promote and develop knowledge in important areas to the modernization and development of the country ;
- To provide support for the reform and modernization of public administration at central and local level ;
- To enhance the quality of policy-making and the formulation and implementation of institutional reforms affecting democracy and economic and social development of Albania ;
- To encourage debate on various reforms and policies undertaken in the framework of the European integration process ;
- To enable the training of public and private sector, forming and strengthening their managerial skills through courses and modules offered in the fields of activity of the Institute ;
- To encourage the creation of a new generation of researchers in the fields of activity;
- To conduct qualitative research in the fields of activity covered by it;
- Encourage partnership and integration of youth in the community, to find alternatives that will enable social cohesion and sustainable development;
- Input into the development and updating of curricula University departments “Marin Barleti”;
- To encourage the creation of a successful alliance between key stakeholders in the country, to enable an ongoing dialogue between their economic reforms and integrated economic development;
- To bring the business community closer to the academic world , through direct assistance and services to the business community , especially those related to the development of small and medium enterprises, information technology , research , development and innovation based economy in knowledge;
- Cooperate with other research in the region and beyond, as well as development agencies, to organize joint activities;
- To become actively involved in international networks of research institutes and development counterparts.


Tiranë, Rr."Sami Frashëri", Nr 41,
Universiteti Marin Barleti
tel. / fax: +355 04 2430 333 / +355 04 2252 621

About Institute
Barleti Institute for Research and Development (BIRD) was first organized in 2008 by University Marin Barleti (UMB) as Center for Regional Studies (CRS). The Institute promotes all aspects of scientific research, and assists researchers in complying with EU research standards. BIRD has a special focus on sustainable development. The Institute is a non-profit organization without ties to economic, political, or religious interest groups. AIPA is organized according to current Albanian legislation on the Non-Profit Organizations.

Mission & Vision
Barleti Research and Development Institute (BIRD) is a center of excellence for interdisciplinary research on social, economic and environmental issues. BIRD has one foot grounded in Albanian culture and one foot grounded in successful modern research standards. The Institute produces high quality research, training courses, consulting services, publications, and implementation of social projects.
The Mission of BIRD is to Provide Research Infrastructure
BIRD facilitates interaction between the University and the business community and promotes economic development. The Barleti Institute for Research and Development supports interdisciplinary research at both UMB and other organizations. BIRD develops professional standards for administration staff and even has an outreach program to include youth in the process. BIRD will market social and economic development projects to increase community participation.
BIRD serves all the Academic Departments or Faculties at UMB and consults each in development of modern curriculum both graduate and undergraduate. BIRD’s aims to be a leader in curriculum production nationally and in the international community.


Tirana, Rr."Sami Frashëri", Nr 41,
Marin Barleti University, Barleti Institute for Research and Development
Tel. / Fax: +355 04 2430 333 / +355 04 2252 621

The Youth Act Platform is an interconnected community for youth initiatives for the advancement of youth centered development in Albania. It is intended to be a single operational entity that allows for organizations from various sectors in and outside Albania to work for meaningful youth participation and leadership and to provide young people with various social backgrounds and with various needs to have the opportunity and capacity to get involved in all aspects of their own development and that of their communities. They must be empowered to contribute to informed decisions about their personal, family, social, economic, environmental, educational and political development. It further requires that young people have the possibility to work together with adults, as equal partners and on a sustainable basis, in matters related to them. Youth Act intents to be a connection point between Albania and the international community for youth development as to better integrate Albanian youth into the globalized world.

Our Vision
Empowering the youth as the engine of development in the country.

Our philosophy
We operate as an open society supporting individuals, organizations, and initiatives that enhance activities in our area of focus. We are guided by the idea that the youth are the future of a country and would like to provide as much opportunity for them to aspire to be great as possible in all aspects of their lives.

Our Mission
To empower youth to take an active role in their personal, family, social, educational, economic, environmental and political development.

Our Mission is to support the five I’s in all the above mentioned sectors:
• Youth Initiative
• Youth Integration
• Youth Involvement
• Youth Inspiration
• Youth Interconnection


Rr. Frang Bardhi, Selite, Tirana
tel. / fax: +355 04 2430 333, +355692084436, +355 04 2252 621
e-mail: director@youthact.al

About Us
The Institute accomplishes its mission on research, trainings, courses, consultations, services, publishing activities in order to realize its projects with the view to better serve public interests. Thanks to its activities, the Institute realizes its sustainability and versatile multisector integration as an indispensable demand for urban, economic, cultural, technological development of the community and its life improvement. The Institute strives to create an attractive and lively city based not only on the Innovation and Creativity but also on making this a daily philosophy. The Institute realizes its mission in collaboration and partnership with specialized enterprizes of the respective fields.

The Institute aims at providing guarantees for the vertical integration among the various levels of governance and the stakeholders involved in the territorial governance as well as for horizontal integration among various sectors of public activity. This vision is made up of four components. Vertical dimension focuses on 3 levels of governance, policy making, international trends ... Horizontal dimension focuses on various industrial, economic, cultural, social aspects ... Internal dimension focuses on various groups of stakeholders, collaborators ... Application dimension focuses on creative forms of action, initiatives, clusters, events infrastructure ...

Under the High Patronage of the Presidency of The Council of Ministers, the first International Forum inherent the Creative Economy and Smart Cities. First edition of Festival of Books and Art, the biggest Albanian cultural event. Takes place Adriatik Hotel, Durres.


Rr.Frang Bardhi, Selite
Tel: +355 69 20 67 247
mail: secretariat@adriapol.al

Institute of Education (IE)
Institute of Education (IE) facilitates professional cooperation among the Academic Departments or Faculties of UMB. IE understands the need for improvement in education. The Institute of Education provides monitoring and evaluation for all the Academic Departments at University Marin Barleti. Furthermore the Institute of Education provides training programs and certification each type of educator and university administrator.


Rr. Frang Bardhi, Selite
Tel: +355 69 20 67 247
mail: secretariat@adriapol.al