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Globast is a privately held sports betting company. Activity of Globast starts on 13/04/2001 being one of first sports betting companies to be licensed in Albania. Globast is ranked third in seniority and experience on sports betting and gambling market in Albania.
Globast was the first company in Albania, which has established a fully online system since early 2006.

Currently in the gambling market our company occupies 25% -28% with a strong level of competition

Expand our market over to other Balkans countries.

Bier Garden 1 Maji - Bar and Grill is situated next to the Tobacco Bridge Ura e Tabakeve, near the Tirana city center.
We are lucky to have a talented head chef that prepares multiple types of cuisine. This restaurant offers traditional albanian cuisine including fresh meat raised in the Albanian Alps. They serve some dishes is traditional albanian aluminum pans. The pizza is made in a traditional wood fire oven. There is also a Chinese restaurant within the bar. The on site brewery produces Svejk, Blond, and Lambic. The brewery also has a full bar.
Every weekend in summer Bier Garden 1 Maji functions as a musical venue albanian singers.
We offer catering and private events for all occasions.


Boulevard George W. Bush
In front of the Parliament Building
Phone: 042230151
Mobile: 0672087621
e-mail: info@svejkbeergarden.al