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Who are we?
Marin Barleti University (UMB) is a private institution of higher education in Albania. The university was founded in 2005 by “Marin Barleti sh.p.k”, a member of the “DUDAJ” group. As a fully licensed and accredited institution of higher education, the university seeks to offer opportunities for life-long learning for all of those who are in the position to benefit. With modern campuses located near the Tirana National Park and the suburb of Selita, which is connected to the Unaza e Madhe Road, the university has modern standards and students find themselves in a comfortable and social setting that supports learning, networking and social experiences.

Marin Barleti University’s vision is to transform itself into an elite university by uniting a liberal, democratic education with an entrepreneurial spirit in everything it does. Our goal is to think globally, cultivating international awareness and stimulating a new, creative culture of learning.

Marin Barleti University’s mission is to strengthen of its heritage and reputation in terms of its academic endeavors in order to create a model of higher education that combines academic standards with real world application.

The university structure consists of one matrix with two academic divisions that integrate academic, research, administrative, and entrepreneurial functions in order to create platforms made up of a series of activities and services that support the university mission. One division focuses broadly on social-economic sciences and the other in applied sciences.

The academic Colleges:
- College of Economics and Finance
- College of Law
- College of Social Sciences
- College of Applied Sciences and Art

Academic Centers and Institutes:
- The Albanian Institute on Public Issues (AIPA)
- The Barleti Institute of Research and Development (BIRD)
- CERTI – The Center for Education, Research, Technology, and Innovation
- CETL – The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning


Tiranë, Rr."Sami Frashëri", Nr 41,
TEL. / FAX: +355 04 2430 333 , +355 04 2252 621
E-MAIL: info@umb.edu.al, admissions@umb.edu.al

About BTTC
Since 2005, University Marin Barleti (UMB) has offered quality programs in educational institutions to prepare future professionals. The Barleti Training and Testing Center (BTTC) operates as an organizational unit, administered entirely by UMB. BTTC is a platform for exam preparation internationally certification examinations. BTTC provides an environment conducive to the study with individual attention from professionals at the UMB Campus II. The UMP Campus II is located close to Crystal Centre in Tirana. BTTC specializes in training and testing in the following fields: information technology, managerial skills, English language, and soft skills.

B1 Level Courses
B2 Level Courses
C1 Level Courses
Information technology
State Exam
MS Office Packages
Media & Graphic Design Soft Skills
State Exam Courses in Economics
State Exam Courses in Sociology
State Exam Courses in Citizenship
Graduate Courses in Academic Writing

BTTC offers internationally recognized certificates. The Center teaches skills that necessary to be competitive in the market. Training is indented for various groups, including: students, managers, leaders, project assistants, departmental employees, analysts, specialists in human resources, administration, marketing, etc. For individuals: Personal motivation is the key requirement for professional growth. The professional world values professional skills; participation in BTTC activities and reception of BTTC certificates is one way for an individual to demonstrate his motivation to future employers.

For institutions: Both public and private institutions benefit from professional development classes. Continuous training for sustainable development benefits both employer and employee. Professional development contributes to productive horizontal communication within institutions and the sustainability of programs.

Training in Business
Organizational Skills for Problem Solving in Business
Advanced Interpersonal Communication
Managerial Leadership
Fundamentals of Customer Service
Basics of Selling
Interviewing skills
Business Risk Management
Performance Management

Soft Skills for Public Administration
Project Management
Professional English Language
Financial Management in Local Government
Information Technology


Tiranë, Rr.”Sami Frashëri”, Nr 41, Universiteti “Marin Barleti”,
Training and Testing Center Barleti
Tel. / Fax: +355 04 4500 999 / +355 069 20 67 247
manager.bttc@umb.edu.al info.bttc@umb.edu.al